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    • Hello I am a fan of Hetalia and planning to make my own comics. Heres a few facts about me! 1. I may be a full blooded American but...Lil to Alfred knowing I actually have more Canadian in me due to some research. My family on my moms side were Abanaki.
    • Angelofdarkness : 2. i have a small addiction to bold coffee. I know adhd people arent supposed to have it but..i dont give a *bleep* Jun 16 12 9:44 PM
    • Angelofdarkness : 3. I draw..Alot..I will be showing them on my blog and if anyone wishes for requests i dont mind. Jun 16 12 9:57 PM
    • Angelofdarkness : 4.If my dad was a country. He would be Cuba and my mom would be either Ireland or one of the Italys. My husband CANADA! Jun 16 12 10:02 PM
    • Angelofdarkness : 5. I love sports. Ok i dont know how to play some of the olympic ones except soccer but im willing to try. Jun 16 12 10:03 PM

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